What format is required in the DATE field?

2002-01-28 10:15:09
I have some limits in rebuilding the DATE field.
I get the mails to my PC based email client.
After having read the mails, I redirect the mail to the archive.
(I am not Forwarding, due to the resulting FWD in SUBJECT)
This mail-client is not able to sent out the mail with the
original DATE field = when the mail was created.
As a workaround, I transfer a rebuild original DATE in a "COMMENTS" field in the
And Mhonarc has <DateFields> resource to comments:date:received,
The mail client is able to create this Comments field in the format
(with long DAYS and MONTH):
Date: Monday, January 28, 2002 14:44:03    or missing  DAYS and MONTH
Date: 28.01.2002 15:11:35
but not in a format with
1. abreviated Day, Month and
2. difference to GMT.
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:51:51 -0600

As there is the limitation in the email client filter,
might Mhonarc recognize the date in my "comments" field
in such a  Format?
Will the resource LOCALDATEFMT only change the HTML presentation or will it also
change the format of recognition of the date?

I am situated in Germany, GMT +0100
so the mail client could write in every case a +0100.
In that case the remaining difference would be the long format for day and
Or is there another workaround to transfer the rebuild date (when the message
was created) into the message date of Mhonarc?
Thanks a lot, Wilhelm

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