Re: What format is required in the DATE field?

2002-01-28 12:05:23
On January 28, 2002 at 16:11, Wilhelm Alm wrote:

original DATE field = when the mail was created.
As a workaround, I transfer a rebuild original DATE in a "COMMENTS" field in 

I'd use a field called "X-Original-Date" instead.  "Comments" is too

Why "rebuild" the date instead of copying it over as-is?

As there is the limitation in the email client filter,
might Mhonarc recognize the date in my "comments" field
in such a  Format?

MHonArc recognizes dates in the following formats:

    Wdy DD Mon YY HH:MM:SS Zone
    DD Mon YY HH:MM:SS Zone
    Wdy Mon DD HH:MM:SS Zone YYYY
    Wdy Mon DD HH:MM:SS YYYY
    Weekday Month DD YYYY HH:MM Zone

Will the resource LOCALDATEFMT only change the HTML presentation or will it a
change the format of recognition of the date?

Only the presentation.  Parsing of dates are separate.  You can
see the parse_date() function in for the gory details and
for the authoritative answer on what is supported.

Note, there is code out there that handles all kinds of date formats.
My reluctance to either incorporate or use it is performance.  Date
formatting in mail is supposed to follow a standard format (as defined
by some RFC -- 822? --, so I feel it is not necessary to have the
all encompassing date parser).

I am situated in Germany, GMT +0100
so the mail client could write in every case a +0100.

Generally, if the zone is not present, MHonArc assumes localtime.
But it is safer to put in the zone if you ever need to process
the data on a system in a different local zone.


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