Re: wilma_reindex

2002-02-02 16:04:31
"S" == SMiller  <SMiller(_at_)Taratec(_dot_)com> writes:

S> Now I did have to play with the ARC_DIR and ARC_URL variable in
S> in order to get the wilma cgi to display the archives in
S> the browse secton of the web page. Maybe this is the problem? 

No, the problem is what it plainly tells you: it can't run mhonarc.
You need to find out why.  Maybe the permissions on the directories
are improper.  Maybe the first line of the mhonarc script reads
"#!perl" and perl is not in the path when the script is executed.  I
really can't say, but it seems to me that other configuration issues
are secondary when it can't even run mhonarc.

 - J<

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