TSLICE problems

2002-02-08 16:10:29
Hi all,

For me, using TSLICE (and MHonArc v2.5.2) with


and referring to it with a plain $TSLICE$ results in slices which list the
previous messages in the thread, the current message, but only ever the
*first* of the following messages.

So, if there are six items in the thread, the slice for 1 will show 1 and 2;
the slice for 2 will show 1,2 and 3, etc., but only the sixth thread will
have the complete list.

It's almost as though the second argument to TSLICE is "stuck" on 1.

From the 2.5.0b docs I gleaned:
Problem: Some messages not updated to show changes in thread slice listing.
Solution: This is really a limitation on how messages are tagged for update
and problem may occur explicit range parameters are specified for $TSLICE$
that differ from default values in TSLICE. Work-around to problem is now
documented in the TSLICE resource page.
... but as I'm not specifying explicit range parameters for $TSLICE$ this
doesn't seem to be relevant.

A Google search found (30 Sep 2001):
[...] To summarize the note above: Some message pages may not get properly
updated to reflect changes in $TSLICE$ listing.  This can occur if the
message is more than one message away from a new message in a thread. I
consider it not a major problem since the next/prev links still function
properly.  However, older messages may not properly show the latest slice
representation, and as the reader goes through the thread, the slice listing
can appear to grow as they go from older messages to newer messages.
... which is very close to my experience, except that for me it's not "some
message pages", "may not", or "can appear" --- it's consistent, and it
doesn't seem to matter how I juggle the ordering.

I would respectfully disagree with "not a major problem".  Consider the
situation where a user clicks a message from say the middle of a thread
index.  On being presented with the message, the slice will not tally with
what (s)he previously saw.  (S)he thinks that the list is somehow corrupt,
or the messages have been deleted ; at best it's back to the thread index

However, I assume it's an error on my part, as others are apparently using
TSLICE perfectly - e.g. I think this is a MHonArc list :


Any suggestions for what on earth I'm doing wrong?



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