Resorce question

2002-02-11 17:36:02

        I recently started looking into using MHonArc for managing some
mailing list archives I have to deal with.  The page it's mounted on has
some table based SSI like statements, which means I need to strap a header
and footer include onto each page generated.  I tried reading the entire
resource list, and I found SSMARKUP, which looks like it might produce the
header requirement, but I haven't found a couterpart to put on the footer
as well.  Am I missing something, or is this not an option.  If worse
comes to worse, I can just use the resources to put it onto the thread and
indae pages or whatever.  Anyway, Thanx much.

Adam Lathers
NCMIR: National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
Network Systems Engineer
phone: (858) 534-7968
fax:   (858) 534-7497

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