Re: Resorce question

2002-02-11 19:55:19
On February 9, 2002 at 12:11, Adam Lathers wrote:

      I recently started looking into using MHonArc for managing some
mailing list archives I have to deal with.  The page it's mounted on has
some table based SSI like statements, which means I need to strap a header
and footer include onto each page generated.  I tried reading the entire
resource list, and I found SSMARKUP, which looks like it might produce the
header requirement, but I haven't found a couterpart to put on the footer
as well.

MHonArc does not put anything extra at the end like it does at the
special comment declarations at the beginning of message pages.  Hence,
you can use the IDXPGEND, TIDXPGEND, and MSGPGEND to define your footer


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