Problem running archive

2002-02-11 20:02:59
Hi all,

We have MHonArc 2.5.2 installed on Windows 2000 Server.  We have performed 
successful updates to our archive of a mailing list for over 6 months.  
However, recently after adding a few new mail message and attempting to run the 
buildarchive executable, the program always errors on the same mail file.  

The error received is "Error: Runtime exception".  At this stage we are unable 
to determine the cause of the problem.  Is there a limit on the number of, or 
size of, mail messages?  We have 167 mail files, approximately 500 KB each.  
Every time the process fails on the same message, and then "mhonarc.lck" folder 
is created in the "archive" sub-directory.  Attempts to remove the lock folder 
during the process results in the same failure on future messages.

We have also tried removing the mail file that the process fails on, however, 
the process still fails.

Thanks for any information or assistance, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Andrew Robinson - VP, Technology
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BinaryThing - The ePublishing Network  

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