Re: Problem running archive

2002-02-12 10:08:51
On February 12, 2002 at 12:26, "Andrew Robinson" wrote:

The error received is "Error: Runtime exception".  At this stage we are unabl
e to determine the cause of the problem.  Is there a limit on the number of, 
or size of, mail messages?  We have 167 mail files, approximately 500 KB each
.  Every time the process fails on the same message, and then "mhonarc.lck" f
older is created in the "archive" sub-directory.  Attempts to remove the lock
 folder during the process results in the same failure on future messages.

The error message appears to imply the error is generated by perl itself
and not MHonArc, especially since the mhonarc.lck file is not properly

A possible problem is lack of memory.  Are you recreating the archive
each time or do you use the -add option and only update archive?  Have
you tried using the -savemem option?  167 messages at 500KB will be at
least 85MB memory and probably more due to the overhead of perl.  If
your system is under a high load, maybe there is not enough memory to
process the entire archive.

You may also want to check the version of perl you are using to what
is the latest stable release available.  If you have an older version
of perl, you may want to upgrade.


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