Mhonarc/Wilma Problem

2002-03-05 16:20:01

The other day I set up the wilma/mhonarc/glimpse system to enable indexing and 
searching of mail
archives.  The installation process went smoothly.  Once complete I executed 
the wilma_reindex
program and the file structure was created nicely in my HTML archive 
directory..or so it seemed.

Although the folders for the monthly majordomo archives were generated the 
messages within those
archive files were not expanded properly.  For each month folder I have the 
following contents:


It would appear as if the entire content of the monthly majordomo archive file 
was placed inside
msg00000.html! The individual messages within that archive file were not 
generated properly by the
process (not sure if it was wilma or mhonarc) and hence I just have one big 
message and one entry in

No errors were generated during the execution of wilma_reindex and I tested the 
mhonarc program by
itself to see if it could convert the majordomo archive files properly.  This 
test worked fine,
mhonarc was able to generate a complete listing of html messages for the email 
messages in the
archive file.

Any ideas on why this is happening?



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