Re: install MhonArc

2002-03-07 17:40:51
On March 6, 2002 at 16:52, miquel(_dot_)demur(_at_)wanadoo(_dot_)fr wrote:

# Odd number of elements in hash assignment.
File ':Makefile.PL'; Line 14

This is a bug in MHonArc's Makefile.PL.  There is an assumption
that any command-line arguments passed into Makefile.PL are
variable settings, e.g. "PREFIX=/usr/local".   Apparently,
MacPerl is invoking Makefile.PL with some command-line options
that are not variable settings.

I'll see if I can get a patch release of MHonArc out in the
next few days.  There are already some other fixes I have applied
that are worth releasing.  I can hold off on other changes inorder
to get a release out sooner.


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