Help with New Mhonarc/HT:Dig setup...

2002-04-03 15:06:17
        I've just recently acquired the responsibility of maintaining GRC's
Mhonarc Archives.  We have plans to migrate the archives to a new server
and I'd like to basically re-engineer the look, feel, and functionality
of the existing archives.  I'm hoping perhaps someone from this list
would be willing to email me offline about ideas on configuration,
upgrading existing archives, presentation, setting up htdig specifically
for mhonarc and perhaps send me an real life rc file.  I've seen the
example sites, or customer sites which use mhonarc and each of them are
so impressive compared to our setup.

Sean M. Alderman
ITRACK Systems Analyst
PACE/NCI - NASA Glenn Research Center
(216) 433-2795

Calling a windowed operating system "Windows" is like naming an
automobile "Wheels."

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