MHonArc v2.5.3 Released

2002-04-18 02:54:01

*   Added 'use locale' pragmas to be applied when sorting messages.
    This is considered experimental, but it appears to give better
    results when sorting text that contains 8-bit-non-English
    characters.  This is far from any real locale support, but
    hopefully it is better than nothing.

*   Beefed up HTML filtering in to eliminate some
    security exploits.

    CAUTION: If you are worried about security, it is recommended
             that you disable support of text/html messages in
             your mail archives.  There is no guarantee that
             the library is robust enough to
             eliminate all possible exploits that can occur with
             HTML data.

    Thanks goto Jason Molenda and Hiromitsu Takagi for spotting
    more exploit cases.

* checks MIMEXCS if text/html data is excluded
    when the htmlcheck option is specified.  Seems unnecessary
    because someone use excludes HTML data will probably not use
    the htmlcheck option to m2h_text_plain::filter.

*   Modified mail address extraction for $FROMADDR$ resource
    variable to help deal with malformed From: header fields.
    Thanks to Eugene Eric Kim for the recommendation.

*   Fixed uudecoding support in to handle spaces
    in filenames and \r\n EOLs.  Thanks to Jordan Russell for
    spotting this.

*   Added ISO-8859-15 mappings.  Thanks goto Jan Kraeber for the

*   Removed GIF images from distribution.  All GIF images
    have been converted to PNG format.  Transparency of PNG
    images may only be supported in the latest versions of various
    graphical web browsers.

    See <> for reasons
    why GIF images should not be used.

*   Source code imported into CVS.  CVS respository is currently
    not available publicly.  Stilling wondering if a site like should be used or if the respository should
    be hosted independently, like at

*   Fixed regex patterns in to avoid Perl warning

*   Created a contrib/ directory to contain any contributed
    programs imported into the MHonArc distribution.  Moved from extras/ to contrib/.

*   Added Security section to FAQ.  Provided more information to
    question, "Why does a message get split into mulitple messages
    with no headers?", mainly information contributed by users.

 Version: 2.5.2, and earlier                                                   
 Problem: The $MSGID$ resource variable always expanded to the message-id of   
          the current message, regardless of the value of any mesg_spec        
Solution: Fixed in                                                
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                
 Version: 2.5.2, and earlier                                                   
 Problem: Excluding a media-type via MIMEEXCS does not cause a lesser          
          alternative part in a multipart/alternative message to be used. For  
          example, if text/html is listed in MIMEEXCS and a multipart/         
          alternative message contains a text/plain part and a text/html part, 
          the converted message will contain the text/html excluded statement  
          instead of the text/plain data.                                      
Solution: Fixed in Any part in a multipart message that is in     
          MIMEEXCS will be quietly dropped.                                    
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                
 Version: 2.5.2, and earlier                                                   
 Problem: Makefile.PL will generate an error if arguments passed to it are not 
          variable definitions. For example, "perl Makefile.PL somearg", will  
          cause the following Perl error, "Odd number of elements in hash      
Solution: Fixed to only define variables specified on the command-line that    
          actually look like variable definitions: "VAR=VALUE".                
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                
 Version: 2.5.2, and possibly earlier versions                                 
 Problem: Perl generates the following message: "/&([\w-.]+);/: false [] range 
          "\w-" in regexp at line 720."                               
Solution: Fixed in Escape the '-' so it is not interpreted as a      
          possible character range specifier.                                  
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                
 Version: 2.5.2, and possibly earlier versions                                 
 Problem: Using the default resource file could cause mhonarc to abort with a, 
          "Can't locate in @INC ...," error message.               
Solution: Fixed in Localize $_ to protect from modifying any      
          arrays from caller.                                                  
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                
 Version: 2.5.0 - 2.5.2                                                        
 Problem: Example filter shown in MIMEFILTERS resource page uses pre-2.5-style 
Solution: Fixed example.                                                       
   Fixed: 2.5.3                                                                

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