question about multiple archives

2002-04-18 14:01:28

hi all,

first of all, thanks for the great software. i've been using is for a
couple of years now at which is the announcements
list that vancouver activists use to find out what's going on in town.

awesome work!

i have searched the archive but didn't seen this problem addressed
although im sure others must have run into it.

i would like to be able to have the latest posts from three different
email list archives displayed on one web page. is this possible with

i tried a couple of different things but neither worked. 

first i tried to build a second archive in the same directory as the first
but it seemed to use the same .mhonarc.db file as the original archive and
i couldn't find a way to specifiy a differnet db.

then i tried (a preferable sollution) to put each archive in a sub
directory. the problem here was that i would have to use an html include
from the main page to display the listing like this:

<!--#include file="listname/" -->

that works but when i click on any of the links to the articles, they
link to the base dir instead of the subdirectory. ie. 

<a href="";> instead of 
<a href="";>

is there a way to specify where the links point to?

thanks for any suggestions.


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