Re[2]: Additional charset definitions?

2002-04-25 06:43:01
Hello Robert,

RH> At 9:19 AM -0700 4/24/02, Paul Hoffman wrote:

Has anyone added any character set definitions to their .mrcs? Here
is the list of ones that I have added so I don't get the warnings, 
but I'd be interested if someone has better values for any of them.

I have 1 member of the list with messages with:

Subject: [mylist] 

Is this discussion about how to tell mhonarch to reencode such strings back 
into normal

I found at
Subject: Re: Outlook & the Euro
ISO 8859-15 will probably be implemented by a number of vendors, but it will 
take some time until a large percentage of the users start using those 
versions. Until then, it might be wise *not* to make 8859-15 the default when 
sending mail. 

That means that  more  user in Europe will use ISO-8859-15 with a Euro

So I want to get a way to "add any character set definitions into
Thanks a lot, Wilhelm

RH> Is there a secret to not getting the warnings? I tried to change my 
RH> settings, but I still get them. Does mhonarc need to be rebooted in 
RH> some way? Can you just change the settings in midstream, so to speak?

RH> Bob

Best regards,

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