Additional charset definitions?

2002-04-24 11:58:35
Has anyone added any character set definitions to their .mrcs? Here is the list of ones that I have added so I don't get the warnings, but I'd be interested if someone has better values for any of them.

big5;           -ignore-
euc-kr;         -ignore-
gb2312;         -ignore-
iso-2022-kr;    -ignore-
iso-8859-15;    -ignore-
koi8-r;         -ignore-
ks_c_5601-1987; -ignore-
unknown-8bit;   -ignore-
utf-7;          -ignore-
utf-8;          -ignore-
windows-1251;   -ignore-
windows-1255;   -ignore-
windows-1256;   -ignore-
windows-1257;   -ignore-
x-unknown;      -ignore-

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