Re: MHonArc development status

2002-04-21 14:45:07
On 12 Apr 2002 10:16:51 -0400 
Sean M Alderman <Sean> wrote:

That actually sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.  I handle the
archives for all (30-40) of NASA Glenn's Majordomo's.  We currently
don't have searching enabled for any lists.  I had posted not long ago
about seeing if anyone would volunteer some config tips with HT://Dig
because I want to re-engineer the archives to be more usable.  I'd
love to take a look at the new stuff.

I'm visibly off in the fringe, but what the heck.  I use the following

  List mail delivers to a common alias.

  Procmail saves received mail into per-list MH folders

  Cronjobs run MHonArc against the folders and built PHP scripts (I have
  the MHonARc RC's written to emit PHP, not HTML).

  At runtime PHP renders the message thru various templates etc to
  produce a mail archive page.

  PHP also allows replies to archived messages via the web (click the
  link and a form pops up with the original message attributed and
  quoted in RFC-standard style etc).

  MnoGoSearch ( then runs as a site-wide
  search index (index updated via cronjob as well).  

  Thru features of MnoGoSearch you can limit searches to specific
  folders, lists, etc.

  I don't *currently* have mnogosearch configured to allow searches to
  be limited to specific named sets of lists, but that would not be
  difficult to do via a little form magic and supporting logic (truly

The archives at Kanga.Nu are mentioned as a sample site in the MhonArc
documentation.  A more explanatory discussion of the setup can be found

Why not HT://Dig?  MnoGoSearch is SQL DB based, which means that I can
leverage the PostgresQL installation I already run (or MySQL or whatever
else you may run), as well as gaining the administrative tools and
benefits that come with PostgresQL.  Ht://Dig uses its own custom DB
layer, does not talk to or use external DB systems, and tends to produce
DBs which are significantly larger (130%) than mnogosearch for the same
page base.

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