Re: MHonArc development status

2002-04-12 09:47:46
That actually sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.  I handle the
archives for all (30-40) of NASA Glenn's Majordomo's.  We currently
don't have searching enabled for any lists.  I had posted not long ago
about seeing if anyone would volunteer some config tips with HT://Dig
because I want to re-engineer the archives to be more usable.  I'd love
to take a look at the new stuff.

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 14:50, mhonarc(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org wrote:
MHonArc Users,

I'm just dropping a note stating that MHonArc development is still
active.  I've received patches, bug reports, and suggestions that
I plan to make available in future releases.

For now, there will may be some delay in the next release as I attend
to a highly important personal matter.   It may be a few weeks for
the next release containing some fixes and some minor enhancements.
Note, much of the recent work has been administrative as I have
ported the source into CVS with the eventual goal of providing a
publicly-accessible CVS respository on the net.

One thing that may be of interest to users is I have developed
a mail archiving system that using Procmail, MHonArc, and Namazu
to easily manage mail archives for multiple lists.  Features will
include automatic generation of monthly or yearly archives, searching
(via Namazu), raw mail archives, and archive rebuilding.  I consider
the software experimental, but it appears to run well on Unix-type
systems (like Linux) only.  The current name of the package is "mharc".

mharc will be a separate package from MHonArc with its own release
schedule.  I'll try to release at the same time as the next MHonArc
release, but if there are people who are interested in it, I cam
make a version temporarily available.


Sean M. Alderman
ITRACK Systems Analyst
PACE/NCI - NASA Glenn Research Center
(216) 433-2795

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