Re: MHonArc development status

2002-04-11 18:49:44
On April 11, 2002 at 13:33, pegmgr(_at_)po(_dot_)peg(_dot_)com wrote:

   >mharc will be a separate package from MHonArc with its own release
   >schedule.  I'll try to release at the same time as the next MHonArc
   >release, but if there are people who are interested in it, I cam
   >make a version temporarily available.

I manage some 40-50 topically related lists and I'm particularly 
interested in anything which will ease the burden. I'm especially 
interested in how you configured Namazu to allow searches to 
cross multiple lists and multiple time periods without having
to search all time periods or all lists. 

Each list has its one search index.  You cannot do a search that
will automatically search multiple indexes (i.e. there is no "global"
search form), but I do use some Javascript to track the index name in
result and help pages so the user does not have to manually select a
index to search each time.  Hopefully, the Namazu maintainers will
update namazu.cgi to provide a template variable representing the
index name so Javascript can be avoided.  I could probably do a patch
myself, but have not looked into it seriously.

I've made a copy of mharc at the following URLs:


Feedback is welcome,