Qn about a interesting but slight mis-use of mhonarc

2002-04-28 09:44:54
I have a user who would like a webpage produced in the style of web logs
such as blogger, etc.  Because they have very poor internet connectivity
and will be assumed to want easy HTML creation, the obvious way to let
them update their webpage seems to be to accept submissions via email

Lets also suppose that the security issues have been taken care of....

So far I have not found many good tools to allow updating of the
existing blog style websites via email so I am inclined to write
something myself and it seems that mhonarc might be modified to do

What I have in mind is basically to modify the "index" page so that it
contains all or some of the content from the email.  This way running
mhonarc on an inbox will create just an index page listing the mails and
the contents of each mail, and we should end up with something that
looks quite like a weblog

Is there an easy way to customise the index page in this way?  Also, is
there anything out there which does this kind of thing already?

The main reason for preferring mhonarc at the moment is that the user
can quickly create an email with inline graphics, etc and take advantage
of Outlook's rather easy to use HTML editor.  This should give a nice
easy and fairly wysiwyg editor for the user.

Thanks for any help

Ed Wildgoose

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