Re: Qn about a interesting but slight mis-use of mhonarc

2002-04-29 06:46:09
I did some work on this sort of thing a while ago.

I added the Message-Id to make it easier to build a In-Reply-To: header.
I had MHonArc output XHTML so I could also use XSLT to process the archive.

I think the changes are gone, it was on a computer that has gone on to a better life. If I find anything, I'll post.

Good luck, it's a good idea.


Robert Hsiung wrote:
At 6:52 PM +0100 4/28/02, Ed Wildgoose wrote:

Please feel free to contact me off-list if we are able to work together
on this.

How about if the discussion stays public? This is kind of like something I'd like to do, too...


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