Re: getting text of message as resource variable

2002-05-01 03:40:02
On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, J C Lawrence wrote:

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002 13:33:36 +0800 
Greg Matheson <lang(_at_)ms(_dot_)chinmin(_dot_)edu(_dot_)tw> wrote:

I want to get (some of) the text of the message to include in the CGI

Make the base message display a CGI, much as I have here at Kanga.NU
under PHP.

These archives are on a big public server without cgi executing
rights, but where I have a lot of space. I want to pass the
important parts of the message in the parameter list to a webmail
cgi script on a smaller, less 'well-connected' server.

I guess I could parse the email messages myself and pass the
bodies in as environmental variables to MHonArc. This solution
still would have the problem of deciding which email message
corresponded with which MHonArc file name.

Perhaps I should just put the same MHonArc archives on both

I need to do some research on how other people have done
what must be a common idea, grafting on to MHonArc a
webmail capability.

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