Re: HTML Formatted Email Blank

2002-05-04 22:49:32
On May 4, 2002 at 11:04, "Sperry Russ" wrote:

I am running a mailing list that is being archived at the mail archives ( htt
p:// ).

When mail is archived there by Mhonarc the HTML messages composed with the Ca
lypso email client are blank.  But if the messages are composed with Outlook 
Express then they appear with all the background color and images.  Calypso u
ses the html engine from Outlook Express to compose HTML formatted mail.

Any ideas on what might be causing this or would you know where to point me?

If you can forward (as an attachment or zipped up) the original
message that shows up blank at, I can see if it
is a MHonArc problem.

BTW, as stated on the mail-archive dicussion list, it appears your
post to that list showed up okay on mail-archive.  Is the "blanking"
of Calypso composed messages something that occurs everytime, or
is it just the one message you mentioned?


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