Re: no recognized part ?

2002-05-08 16:14:07
On May 8, 2002 at 08:48, "Chad Kouse" wrote:

I think some of my emails are basically getting skipped during parsing.

Can you point us to an exact email that has been skipped?  If
you find a message that has been skipped, verify that its message-id
is not a duplicate of an existing archived message.

(BTW, the message-id for your message to this list is not proper.
 It fails to have a fully-qualified domain portion, increasing the
 probability of non-uniqueness.)

I checked the output log and I see this (intermixed with unrecognized
character sets):
"No recognized part in multipart/alternative; will try to decode last
could this be causing it?  And how would I capture a better error log
(like say, something about the email that it failed on)

This message indicates that you received a message with no known
content-type.  MHonArc will fallback to using the filter registered
for the application/octet-stream to process the last part of the
multipart/alternative.  Regardless, you should still get a message
page in your archive for the message.

As for better error messages, yes, MHonArc does need them.  Something
that definitely needs improvement.


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