MHonArc from the command line

2002-05-29 12:30:04
Here's the situation:

I'm running a Mailman list on a shared server.
Host doesn't want to install MHonArc in the shared environment, but has no
objection to my setting up a crontab for MHonArc to run periodically to
update its archives.
List traffic is such that a single run per day is probably acceptable.

List traffic includes attachments. Mailman leaves the MIME for those
attachments inline in the text message it archives. I'm trying to set up
MHonArc to convert this to a single message with links to downloadable

I've been testing this locally by running "MHonArc add message.txt" (where
message.txt is the text file of the archived message, including MIME) and
it successfully adds the message to a MHonArc archive, but does *not* pull
the MIME out of the file and create spearate files linked for downloading;
the MIME is still there, staring back at me, saying nothing.

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, and I'm quite prepared to believe
it's something simple that I've missed. I'm new to both Mailman and
MHonArc. I've not discovered anything in the list archives or elsewhere on
the web which fixes this, but if anyone knows of any, send me a pointer
please and I'll check it out.


1) What am I doing wrong?

2) Is  running it against the Mailman archives in the first place the right
way to try and add MHonArc into the mix, or have I missed a better and
cleaner way (keeping in mind I can't install MHonArc to be run
automagically by Mailman itself)?

3) The attachment files in question are three types: PDF, CBV (a binary
database format) and PGN (a text file). IS there something special I need
to do to get them recognized by MHonArc?

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