ADDRESSCONVERTER (was: use of HTML in AddressModifyCode)

2002-05-29 15:30:09
It seems it may be useful to have some kind of resource in
MHonArc that allows manipulation of addresses in the HTML

=v= Since, like I say, spammers have made me give up on mailto:
altogether, I've thought about replacing various addresses with
entirely different types of URLs that might be of some value.

=v= For example, some of my archives contain things sent to
various email lists (I archive a selection of them all together
in one place, according to topic), so they're going to have
"To: somelist(_at_)yahoogroups(_dot_)com" and "To: 
in their headers.  So it seems reasonable to me that instead
of providing "mailto:"; URLs, which are meaningless to those
who aren't subscribed, the URLS should instead be things along
the lines of ""; and

=v= I've fiddled with this using brute force post-processing,
though of course a header-aware resource would make more sense.

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