"Single" fails - no IndexNum?

2002-07-17 18:05:14
MHonArc version: 2.5.8, upgraded from 2.4.6

  mhonarc -single msg

This worked beautifully under 2.4.6, but under 2.5.8 nothing is sent to
stdout.  The puzzling part is, it successfully decodes MIME attachments
in "msg"!

I did a bit of stepping through the program using "perl -d", and the
problem is that when it gets to output_mail(), $IndexNum{$index} is
undefined, so it quietly returns.  However, I can't see where this
is supposed to have been set.

I'm running perl 5.6.1 under Linux, and I'm switching back and forth
between MHonArc version by renaming directories in $HOME/lib/perl5/site_perl
but I welcome advice on better ways to make both versions available!

Further information available upon request; Thanks in advance for whatever
advice you can give.

        - Win
Win Bent, Head          whb(_at_)haus(_dot_)org
Bent Sound Research     Sound advice for over 25 years!

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