Re: Default Resource File

2002-07-25 19:33:59
On July 25, 2002 at 16:09, "Christopher A. Adams" wrote:

I am a bit confused by the DEFRCFILE. The docs say DEFRCFILE is the
pathname to the default resource file.  It also says that the default
setting is MHonArc-library-path/DEFRCNAME, which in my case is:


The docs also say that DEFRCNAME is used as the name of the default file.
In addition, it says that the default setting is .mhonarc.mrc, which I
don't seem to have.

No .mhonarc.mrc is provided in the MHonArc distribution since it has
its own built-in defaults.  It is something you create so you can
provide customized defaults.

Note, you can always specify an explicit resource file for an
archive to use via the -rcfile command line option (see the RCFILE
resource page in the docs).


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