Re: Default Resource File

2002-07-26 13:59:41
On July 25, 2002 at 23:39, "Christopher A. Adams" wrote:

Thank you. I don't want to specify a specific rcfile for certain archives.
I would like to just have a default rcfile for all 250 lists that I
archive. How do I specify a default rcfile for all archives and where must
that rcfile live?

As described in the DEFRCFILE resource, which you already mentioned
in a previous message:

I am a bit confused by the DEFRCFILE. The docs say DEFRCFILE is the
pathname to the default resource file.  It also says that the default
setting is MHonArc-library-path/DEFRCNAME, which in my case is:


The pathname you give is just the directory portion.  The full pathname
would be:


Or, it looks in the home directory of the process running mhonarc
for a file called .mhonarc.mrc.

I also am a bit hazy as to how I specify environmental variables. Is there
a file that they are listed in and where does that file live?

This is a function of your operating environment.  Since it appears
you are using a Unix-type system, check the manpage for the shell
you are using.

BTW, you probably do not need to mess with environmental variables
since you should be able to use mhonarc resource files or command-line
options to get the resource settings you desire.


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