Re: mhaadmin.cgi

2002-07-26 14:06:06
On July 25, 2002 at 22:07, Mark Rowlands wrote:

Got this working and rather nice it is too :-)

I guess mhaadmin.cgi still works.  I have not touched it a few years.

quick question. I would like to control the default archive that appears 
first.....  ie not the alphabetical order and javascript just aint my thing !

Any ideas......short of renaming all my mail archives to start with letters 
after I for inbox .... 

Without mucking with code, you'll have to play with label strings
in mhaadmin.rc.  A trick is to prefix your "inbox" with a space
character since a space comes before any alphanumeric characters.
You could also use non-alpha characters that come before the alpha
characters to prefix your names to control the sorting order.


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