MHonArc Release: 2.5.10

2002-07-28 19:14:40
2002/07/28      (2.5.10)

* Bug Fixes: See

* Added TEXTCLIPFUNC resource: Defines the text clipping function
  that should be used by MHonArc.  This function is mainly used
  in resource variable expansion where clipping has been specified,
  for example, "$SUBJECT:72$".

* Added clip() function in MHonArc::UTF8 that can be registed via
  TEXTCLIPFUNC resource to handling clipping of UTF-8 text.

* Example utf-8.mrc updated to include some corrections and to
  define TEXTCLIPFUNC resource.

* Improved navigation links to resource reference pages which should
  help their usability.


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