Re: HTML files as attachments

2002-08-08 09:11:49
On August 8, 2002 at 11:41, Mooffie wrote:

m2h_text_html::filter; attachcheck
The doc says that "attachcheck" only works when "Content-Disposition" is "att
However, when I attach HTML files with Mozilla it sets "Content-Disposition" 
to "inline".

My questions:

1. Is there any way to make "attachcheck" work with "inline" attachments too?

No, but there is way to get what you want if you always want to save
HTML entities to a separate file.

2. Do you think it's a bug in Mozilla?

Kind of.  I'm sure the Mozilla folks will probably call it a limitation.
It should give you a choice.

3. How about other MUAs? How do they decide whether to use "inline" or "attac
hment" for Content-Disposition? Do they let the user choose?

I think most of the popular GUI MUAs auto set it by some arbitrary
criteria.  I would guess that if the media-type can be rendered by
by the MUA natively, they use "inline".  If they cannot, they use

I do not know if the popular GUI MUAs give you the option to choose.

Now, if you always want to have HTML entities saved to a separate
file, use a different filter:

text/html; m2h_external::filter;

The m2h_external::filter is the main filter for saving an entity
to a separe file.

CAUTION: The XSS issue I mentioned in a previous post still applies
since m2h_external::filter save the data "as-is".  Make sure you can
trust the posters to your list.


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