Re: Problems with SubSort

2002-08-16 07:32:33
Earl Hood wrote:

I have SUBSORT on, and I haven't touched SUBJECTREPLYRXP.  However reply
messages with 'Re:' at the beginning of the subject line aren't appearing in
the same block as the parent message.  Here is an example:

What version of MHonArc are you using?  What other resource settings
do have set?

Check out,
as it may be relevant.

It turns out the problem was that the subject line had been changed, either
by the first replier or by his MUA.  Extra spaces had been insterted, and
the subject line was wrapped across 2 lines (dunno if MHonArc deals with
split subject lines).  I massaged the mail file by hand and then regenerated
the archive, and everything was fine.

Sorry for the false alarm!

Alan Burlison
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