Re: How to introduce javascript

2002-08-20 12:50:14
--- Aumont <serge(_dot_)aumont(_at_)cru(_dot_)fr> wrote:
I want to introduce emails  with the following javascript.

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
document.write(\"<A HREF=\" + \"mailto:\"; + \"$FROMADDRNAME$\" + \"@\" +
// --></SCRIPT>";

You can only do this if you roll your own header with resource variables. 
You can
use the EXCS resource to "null" out the regular message header.

If you want to do it with the regular mail header, it would currently
require some coding.

Note, the code is structured to potentially make the routine that converts
a message
header to HTML configurable.  I.e.  Have a resource that allows a user to
a Perl routine to convert the message header,  overriding MHonArc's builtin

A less drastic feature would to have a resource that allows you to define
the address linking
template so you can do something like your example without have to do Perl
This is something worth considering.  Compatibility with existing resources
is something
that will need to checked.


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