Re: List Name Resource Variable?

2002-08-26 18:45:48
On August 26, 2002 at 14:44, "Wang, Mary Y" wrote:

Is there a resource variable for the list name?
If there is, how do I incorporate into a href link in my resource file?
For example in my main index page I would like to have
<p><a href="";>Mailman
List Information</a>

The listname is the resource variable that I am looking for.

Since MHonArc can be given mail from anywhere to archive, it has
no internal concept of a "list name".

What you can do is define a custom resource variable(s) via the
DEFINEVAR resource to represent the list name you want.
Here is an example of how to do it via the command-line:

  shell> mhonarc -definevar 'LIST-NAME=listname' ...

The command-line usage is handy if sharing a common resource file
among multiple list archives.

Resource file example:

  <DefineVar chop>

And then in a layout resource, you can use $LIST-NAME$ to represent
the list name.

You may also want to define another variable to represent the information


P.S.  The mharc archiving system,
<>, does something like the
above for the archives it manages.

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