Re: Improvements to filter for Namazu

2002-08-30 13:16:20
(discussion moved to mhonarc-users)

On August 30, 2002 at 16:16, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:

Bye the way, and sorry for shifting to off-topic,
I needed to change lib/mhonarc/ to collect Date
Date Field seems to have bogus Received line without this
change on my environment. For furthur discussion, if needed,
I will move to mhonarc-users, thanks,

Where MHonArc extract the date from is controled by the DATEFIELDS
resource.  The Received field is checked by default first since
it is usually better to rely on when you receive the message than
from what the sender specifies in the Date field (plus, I have seen
cases where the senders clock was off so bad, the Date would be
several years in the future!).

Now, if MHonArc is having problems extracting the date from a Received
header field, please send me a sample message that you are seeing this.
Received header field format should be fairly standard, but there
could be some misconfigured MTAs that do not do it right.

If you want both the received and date field values, MHonArc does
not provide this.  You could use the callback API to get both.


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