Re: Obscure the In-reply-to email addresses

2002-09-15 16:14:05
On September 15, 2002 at 13:38, Stefan wrote:

Most of the email addresses are obscured at the archive site. But the
In-reply-to line is not obsured.

You can find some examples with Google:

I hope anyone can improve this.

Request that the maintainer of the archive exclude out the in-reply-to
field from the message header.  If address blocking is desired for
an archive, it is safest to keep the number of header fields shown
at an absolute minimum (see the archives at for
an example).  Your case serves as a an example where an email
address may show up in a header that addresses normally do not belong
(heck, someone could put addresses in the subject if they want).

BTW, with the archive you references, the in-reply-to and references
header fields could be excluded from the pages since there is better
thread navigation provided.

BTW, the in-reply-to has shaky history, and according to RFC 2822, it
should now only contain message-ids and no phrase tokens.  The message
example you provided is even invalid according to RFC 822.


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