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2002-09-16 12:31:41
On September 16, 2002 at 15:15, someone wrote:

I've looked through the documentation, samples, and resource files and can't 
find the one used for the 4-5 mailing lists for MHonArc.

The list archives use what comes with mharc.  You can see the resource
file at

Note, to get some of the visual formatting, a stylesheet is used.
The default one provided with mharc can be seen at

There are a number 
of examples, but none group subjects together or days together like the MHonA
rc mailing list does.

Check out the appendix, "Resource File Examples".  Especially the
Day Grouping example.

As for your reference to "subjects" that is really a thread index for
the list archives.  Hence you want look at the thread index layout
resources.  As for the visuals that highlight the thread groups, that
is done with the stylesheet.  The resource file defines the base
markup that includes <div> tags and CLASS attributes so I can use
a stylesheet.

Similiar visual effects can be achieved without stylesheets by
including the formatting in the resource file directly (either with
inline styles or by using tables with bgcolor attributes and <font>
tags).  The advantage of the stylesheet approach is that it allows you
to make visual changes to your archives without having to regenerate
any pages.


P.S.  Internet Explorer does properly handle all the style settings
used, so the archives are best viewed with a client that does support
them properly, like Mozilla.

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