Re: mailing a copy of a message from an archive

2002-09-30 11:50:15
On September 30, 2002 at 10:41, mhonarc(_at_)interlinx(_dot_)bc(_dot_)ca wrote:

Frequently, when I am browsing an archive, I would like to repsond to
a message I find in it.  I would like to respond, using my own MUA
however.  What would be really nice is an option, when viewing a
message, to "bounce" it to my e-mail address where I can read (and
respond to) it in my own MUA.

This kind of feature could be abused since it would require that
you specify which email address to send a copy of the message to,
and a malicious user could choose arbitrary addresses to submit.
The attack could be automated so a DoS type of attach could be carried

The <> archives (and any that
use mharc) have an Original link that downloads the original raw message.
For the MUA I use, nmh, it is trivial to import the data into my inbox
so I can manipulate it like any other message.  However, for other MUAs,
importing the dowloaded raw message may be more difficult.

I like your idea, but unfortunately, I do not see a way to prevent
if from being abused.

Note, some do use mailto: links, but it is limited if you desire
to have access to the entire message body.


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