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2002-09-30 11:49:42
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Frequently, when I am browsing an archive, I would like to repsond to
a message I find in it.  I would like to respond, using my own MUA
however.  What would be really nice is an option, when viewing a
message, to "bounce" it to my e-mail address where I can read (and
respond to) it in my own MUA.



User side:

    Put some smarts in your browser to screen scrape the message,
    parse it, and mail it to your address; 
    or do the same by hand with cut & paste;

    or put some smarts in your MUA to accept a URL, screen scrape the
    message at that URL, parse it, and format it for a response;
Archive side:

    Configure the archive to have a "view original message format"
    (as Google does with archived news postings) so you could select
    the entire original article & save it as a file, then invoke your
    MUA on the file (or URL, as above);

    or put some CGI or other code on the archive site to forward the
    message - and that code should not be exploitable for mail-bombing
    (to mail messages to many addresses).

Denis McKeon

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