Re: Inline images from Outlook

2002-10-10 12:50:11
On October 10, 2002 at 11:16, "Chris Russell" wrote:

I apologise if this is entirely obvious, but I haven't found anything in the
or in the list archive to help - I've tried playing with the mime filters
and arguments etc.
but, so far, no luck...

Simply, images are appearing as attachments, I want them inline.

It all depends on the format of the email message.  Generally, MHonArc
displays parts of a multipart message in the order they appear in
the message body.  Hence, if the images are the last parts in the
message body, then they will show up at the bottom.

An exception is for MHTML messages that use cid URLs to allow an
HTML message to also include the images it uses.  MHonArc supports
MHTML messages, but there are some limitations.

For a more technical analysis, you will have to provide us with
an actual raw mail message that you feel is not being rendered properly.


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