Re: Message Summaries

2002-10-10 11:59:00
On October 9, 2002 at 23:35, "Karyl F. Stein" wrote:

I'm trying to make an archive where there's a brief summary of the 
message, (e.g. the first 20 words of the email body), included in the 
message list.  Basically, I want to make something that looks like a 
Slashdot type site, but without all the community features that those 
systems seem to include.  Has anyone done something like that?  If so, 
I'd appreciate any tips / configurations.

Have a look at the mha-preview program in the examples
directory of the distribution (also available at

It is a custom front-end to MHonArc that
supports a $X-MSG-PREVIEW$ resource variable
representing the first X characters of a message.  Check out
for the list message I posted about this script.


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