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2002-10-23 20:59:18
Hi all,

A few times I have mentioned a script I'm using to run MHonArc on a shared web hosting account without shell access. I promised to clean up the code as a result of Earl's advise during the discussion in the thread "Question re Manual Install" at, and now I'm done.

Via you can invoke MHonArc from a browser and/or let an archive be updated automatically. The intended use of the script is described in the script file, which can be accessed at

By help of, the procedure to set up a plain use of MHonArc, for instance in order to archive a mailing list, is easy:

- Upload the four MHonArc program files (mhonarc and mha-d*) and the 'lib' directory to a directory designated for MHonArc, e.g. /cgi-bin/mhonarc (no editing of any MHonArc files is necessary).

- Upload a resource file to the MHonArc directory. It can be empty to start with.

- Upload an empty file, for instance in a separate sub-directory to the MHonArc directory, in which the raw messages will be stored in mbox format.

- Create a directory for the archive which is readable from the web.

- Ensure that CGI scripts have write access to the archive directory and the mbox file.

- Create a separate POP account, and subscribe the email address to that account to the mailing list.

- Set the configuration variables in, upload the script (in ASCII transfer mode), and make it executable, typically by chmoding it 755.

That's it!

At you find a demo set-up of The password is 'demo', and the address mhatest(_at_)gunnar(_dot_)cc goes to a designated POP account. Please feel free to play around. :)

I'd appreciate your feedback, of course.

/ Gunnar

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