Re: search / duplicate hits

2002-11-12 23:28:41
On November 12, 2002 at 18:39, Peterson Walker wrote:

When searching an archive you'll often get multiple 'redundant'
hits as evidenced via the URL below.  Redundant as in multiple hits
against the same thread.

A user has asked me if there's a way to suppress redundant
hits and show only the original mail in the search results.

[FYI, what you are asking about is namazu.  And it appears that you
 are using mharc, <>.  There is
 user's list for mharc-related questions: mharc-users(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org 
 (list closed to subscribers).]

Searching works at a per message level.  There are no redundant hits.
Each item listed is for a separate message.

It seems your user is really asking to be taken to the highest
scored message automatically and ignore any other hits.

You could technically do this by creating your own search CGI
that calls namazu and then serves up the first message of the
results list.

Is there a way to use mhonarc to combine the original mail
message with all it's reply-to messages into 1 message?

Not easily.  It would require custom changes or post-processing
of message files.  It would also affect how index pages are
generated when linking to messages.  A CGI-based solution may
also be possible.


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