Request for more options in resurce file

2002-11-22 10:52:59
Thanks for at great program - it works realy great now.
But life would be at lot more easy if some off the command line only resurces 
made it to the resurce file(s).
Curently I'am using MHonArc for 10-15 lists and more are comming.
To make my life a lille bit more easy i'am using one [listname].rc with options 
like <SUBJECTSTRIPCODE> and that file calls at number of other *.rc files with 
my standart options.
Then i call MhonArc with mhonarc -savemem -umask 022 -quiet -rcfile 
pressemeddelelser.rc -add -outdir 
But for all my lists i have to create a new file that runs MHonArc.
If it was possibel to set outdir and mailbox in the resurce file ( at least at 
toplevel ) it would be just a bit more easy to create new lists.
And even more great if i do like this:

<DefineVar chop>



One other resurce i would be happy to get in some other way is the -rmm 
We are using it to remove stuff like mail-loops and " Get me off this list " 
and " UGENT I NEED MONEY" and other SPAM.

But if i delete ALL files in outdir ( were mhonarc.db is ) to rebuild after 
design changes - then the removed messages gets back.
Is there a way to get the messageID from mhonarc.db ?
Or a way ( in a file ) to tell mhonarc the messagesID's that needed to be 

BTW i never got the mhonarc -rmm <messageid> to work - that is it works the 
most of the time , but not if the messageid was like this one 
<001901c2748f$021410d0$0e00a8c0(_at_)jane> i think that it is the shell ( the $ 
char in the messageID ).

And one time more - THANKS for all the great work you do Earl.

Birger Mortensen 
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