Re: [approved] editidx?

2002-11-22 18:04:09
--- "David D. Piney" <d(_dot_)piney(_at_)victoria(_dot_)tc(_dot_)ca> wrote:
I hope someone can confirm the exact command line syntax for -editidx,  in 
order to convert existing archived messages to remove visible tags and to 
limit line width. I lost the original emails to a crash, so I hope there's 
a way to safely edit the html archives I've left?

The converted message headers and bodies cannot be changed via -editidx.
The data is static.  They are the only parts that cannot be changed via
-editidx.  You need to recreate the archive with the original
data to make changes to layout within message headers and/or message bodies.

Since you do not have the originals, goto
<> for a script that can convert
a mhonarc archive back to a mailbox file.


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