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2002-12-09 06:50:25

I have removed the part(s) were i get the point :-).

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But for all my lists i have to create a new file that runs MHonArc.
If it was possibel to set outdir and mailbox in the resurce file ( at
at toplevel ) it would be just a bit more easy to create new lists.

An OUTDIR element is a chicken-n-egg problem.  An archive's database is
read first before any resource files are parsed, hence, your OUTDIR needs
to be specified via the environment or the command-line.

I don't get it - the arkive's database can be set by -dbfile on the command
line it must be a variabel for mhonarc at some point.
And i think that MhonArc works this way.
1) Read command line
2) Read dbfile
3) Read resurcefile(s)
4) Read/scan mailbox or stdin
5) Work ! - Write html and dbfile

But is it not possibel to move mhonarc.db out from the the outdir variabel -
after all there is no need for the webserver to store or read that file ?
Something like this
DBFILE default to ./mhonarc.db
search command line
search outdir from the command line
search current dir

I don't thint that will break any setup...
Then i would be possibel to do like this ( it is DOS syntaks but can be done
in all shells and perl etc ..)

For %A in (*.db ) do mhonarc -add -dbfile %A

And i get ALL MonArc lists updatet.

But if i delete ALL files in outdir ( were mhonarc.db is ) to rebuild
design changes - then the removed messages gets back.

You need to delete the original raw mail also to make sure the messages
do not reappear.

Thats is the case now - I don't like it - I'am not the only one that need to
clean up the lists
I have a lot of lists and the most i don't read - but there will be at least
one that reads the lists.
And sone times one makes an error - some times i need to trace the true
source off the messages.

Is there a way to get the messageID from mhonarc.db ?

Yes, but requires some cleverness.

You can see what the message-id for a message page is by
viewing the raw HTML.  At the top of each message page is special
comment declarations, and one of them includes the message-id.
I generally include the message-id header field in the converted header
so it is easy to see what the message-id is without having to view
the raw HTML.

That was not the question -  IF i use mhonarc -rmm  1-3 , the old messages
1-3 don't popup at a new scan
Is the removed messageID not stored in some way by mhonarc ?
I got one list with 100+ removed messages ( mail loop by broken software
! ).

Or a way ( in a file ) to tell mhonarc the messagesID's that needed to

Use the shell:

  mhonarc -rmm `cat ids-to-delete-file`

Thats just the thing i need - then i "only" need to create some otherindex
with a link that adds messageID to a file ( in PHP or a java script ).


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