Re: Changing the starting $MSGNUM$

2002-12-09 04:24:31
** Reply to message from Earl Hood <earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com> on Sun, 08 
Dec 2002
23:05:15 -0600

Is there any way to get MHonArc, when -adding in -Verbose mode, to
report to stdout the name of the source file as well as the result html

Not really.  If input is a mailbox, multiple HTML files will be
associated to a single input file.  Also, mhonarc can read from
stdin, so there would be no real file to associate with.
Generally, it is best to utilize the message-ids to do any tracking.

Understood.  But if you're just -adding individual POP files, it's very handy
to be able to *simply* associate an individual POP file input with a
msg#####.htm output -- e.g. in case you want to -rmm it and convert it again
for some reason (lots of good reasons, actually).  Having to grep through the
POP files to find a Msg-Id is tedious.  Surely this is a tiny mod to one of the
source files -- truth is, I need to get a grip on Perl -- and would right away,
if I had enough use for Perl; but in the meantime, Earl, if it's not an
imposition, what would code to print the input filename look like?

Robert Holmgren

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