Changing the starting $MSGNUM$

2002-12-08 17:24:45
MHonArc is a fantastic tool.  Just been using it for two weeks, but very

Question:  Is there a way to change the initial $MSGNUM$ variable from 00000 to
some other number, so that e.g. it starts converting with msg00634.html, and
then increments from there?  I've gone blind looking at the docs, but can't
find anything -- maybe I missed it notwithstanding.  Or is this a source code
issue?  If so, could someone indicate which Perl module and maybe the
routine-to-change?  I am by no means an exPerlt, but I can stumble around and
get it right eventually...

Also:  is there any way to get MHonArc, when -adding in -Verbose mode, to
report to stdout the name of the source file as well as the result html

Many thanks.  This application is really thoroughly simmered and "cooked" by
now.  I just plain works.  You have my profound gratitude.

Robert Holmgren

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