Re: Changing the starting $MSGNUM$

2002-12-08 23:05:06
On December 8, 2002 at 18:24, "Robert Holmgren" wrote:

Question:  Is there a way to change the initial $MSGNUM$ variable from 00000 
some other number, so that e.g. it starts converting with msg00634.html, and
then increments from there?

It's on the TODO list, and it should be an easy addition.

I've gone blind looking at the docs, but can't
find anything -- maybe I missed it notwithstanding.  Or is this a source code
issue?  If so, could someone indicate which Perl module and maybe the
routine-to-change?  I am by no means an exPerlt, but I can stumble around and
get it right eventually...

In, search for the initialization of $LastMsgNum.

Also:  is there any way to get MHonArc, when -adding in -Verbose mode, to
report to stdout the name of the source file as well as the result html

Not really.  If input is a mailbox, multiple HTML files will be
associated to a single input file.  Also, mhonarc can read from
stdin, so there would be no real file to associate with.

Generally, it is best to utilize the message-ids to do any tracking.
At the top of each HTML message page, there are special comments at
the top provide some meta information.  One of the comments includes
the message-id.  The library contains routines to parse
out the comments of an HTML message page.

The message-id can then be used to search the raw message data to
find the original message.  mharc, <>
uses the message-id for allowing an archive reader to download the
raw original message.  However, mharc utilizes the $MSGID$ resource
for getting the message-id to pass to the CGI program for extracting
the raw message.


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