Re: empty flows text/plain part

2002-12-09 17:25:54
On December 9, 2002 at 22:50, Roman Maeder wrote:

I am seeing a bunch of

  Warning: Could not process part with given Content-Type: text/plain; charse
t="us-ascii"; format=flowed

errors when converting an archive with MHonarc 2.5.13. I think I tracked it
down to a trailing empty part of multipart/mixed messages whose outlines
look like this:
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

the final text/plain part is empty. Could that cause the problem?

The bogus warning message can happen if there is empty text data in
a format=flowed entity.  This is a bug.o

I've submitted a bug,
and a fix has been checked into CVS.


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